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NEW SINGLE // Motez - 'Own Up'


NEW SINGLE // Motez - 'Own Up'

Will Weightman

If Soundcloud is anything of a yardstick, it’s immediately clear how busy the Baghdad-born producer Motez has been in the past 12 months. With several successful remixes of popular artists (Ellie Goulding, What So Not and Frank Ocean), combined with a couple of small EPs and original works, Motez has shown exciting creative depth within the halls of house music. His collection generally guides the listener down two distinct paths: deeper, more dissonant basement boppers, or more upbeat, funk-orientated house. With his latest release, “Own Up”, Motez takes the cheerier and more universal latter option.  

Overlaying soulful vocals on top of resonating synth plucks and house rhythms, this particular track isn’t exactly pushing any new boundaries within the Australian “dance” music scene. But why should it? Every sonic element glues together seamlessly, creating a contagious, authentic and unpretentious energy. No doubt, it will be a nationwide dance floor favorite over the winter. I can almost see the overdramatic singalong miming of club goers now.

Bobbing that head? Check out Motez’s upcoming 'Own Up' tour of Australia and New Zealand.

                                     Motez On Tour

                                     Motez On Tour