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Rob Carroll


After releasing standout track ‘Switch Gears’, Brisbane-based producer cln marks his return with an impressive shift in direction on new single ‘The Other Side’.

‘The Other Side’ is a gorgeous piece of sultry R&B and down-tempo electronica, held down by aptly subtle percussion, dreamy keys and soul-filled vocals. At times, soaring synths and tastefully placed samples slightly lift the dynamic; however, the song still maintains its slow-moving tempo and never sways too far away from its consistent hypnotic groove.     

The producer describes the creative process behind the song – “I’ve been making a fairly broad range of music, and initially when I wrote this song I didn’t want to release it because it didn’t sound that much like ‘me’. It has come to grow on me though; I think it’s probably one of the better vocal parts I’ve written. I’d rather make what comes naturally than put myself into a box. That way I have more freedom and can be more honest”.

Hopefully we’ll continue to hear the envelope being pushed further by cln, as I think the risk taken here was certainly a pay-off.