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Rob Carroll

Starting subtly with an array of soft sonic textures is the new single ‘Waiting’ from Brisbane artist / producer, The Kite String Tangle (real name Danny Harley). Lifted from his newly released debut self-titled album, the opening track is an ethereal slice of electronica glimmering elegantly from start-to-finish.

Gradually ascending into its pulsating beat and house-infused bass-line, the thumping elements suddenly drop off as Harley’s soothing vocals and piano take focus; creating an undeniable sense of awe and endearment. As ‘Waiting’ progresses to find its next gear, Harley continues to tease with a series of crescendos, yet firmly maintains control and avoids being formulaic and predictable. It’s meticulously structured and awash with finesse, evident through its smaller intricacies. 

Along with the whole album, ‘Waiting’ was written in Harley’s bedroom in order to retain a ‘bedroom producer’ ethos, wanting to capture something honest.

Harley describes the album writing process: 

It’s a dynamic album that I hope shows many sides to the music I make and what I’m trying to do with The Kite String Tangle, which is essentially to reach people and hopefully provide a soundtrack for their own existential crisis.”

Listen to 'Waiting' via Soundcloud below