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We specialise in digital music servicing, management consultancy, publicity and label services. Via a worldwide team of industry professionals, we help exceptional artists achieve outstanding results at the early stages of their careers.

NEW SINGLE // Cln - 'Better Than'


NEW SINGLE // Cln - 'Better Than'

Will Weightman

The past two years has seen an absolute landslide of talent in the Australian electronic scene. Listeners, both international and local, have all bared witness to a new era of downbeat, atmospheric beats and creative live performances. Just when you think the scene might be at maximum capacity, bright young artists keep evolving from mosh-pit punters with big dreams to successful producers on-stage. Cln (Callan Alexander) is no exception to this trend, with a successful remix of Kilter’s “They Say last month and his brand-new original "Better Than". 

Callan has delivered a simple, yet uplifting track with waves of reverberated drums, vocal chops and crispy synths. It’s certainly a recipe that Australian listeners have heard before, but with a catalogue of edits, remixes and just a single original track released a year ago, Cln’s improvement is unquestionably clear. Through a little tender love and care from Hype Machine, FBi and Triple J, the future holds bright for the young 18 year old from Brisbane.

Look forward to his debut 5 track EP next month.