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Rob Carroll

One of Sydney’s most exciting emerging producers, Ross Henry, has just revealed his latest single ‘The Deep’ alongside a dark, mysterious and hazy DIY visual to boot.

Crafting meticulously arranged soundscapes and beats, the young songwriter has yet again captured an eclectic and mesmerising take on experimental-electronica pop, which is led by his hauntingly beautiful croons.

Henry describes the inspiration and story behind the song and clip –  

“The Deep sits on a peak between the earliest of mornings and latest of nights. Working strange hours and a few different jobs, I was never present. Then I’d walk home at night, and everything would become so vivid and otherworldly. Slow stillness… no one around. I was exhausted, but finally awake. I recreated the journey using my phone to film over a couple weeks. The clip was then edited in the same way I put a track together, cut, copy, speed up, slow down, layer, and reverse. I found altering colour felt similar to fine tuning sound frequencies. Overall, the Deep attempts to grasp at an ephemeral sharpness within the sedated mundane” 

Past tracks ‘The Forester’s House’, ’12 Letters’ and rework of Explosions In The Sky’s ‘Home’ have been strongly supported by tastemakers Sunset In The Rearview (USA), Stereofox (USA) and The Revue (CAN), and back at home by the nations largest youth radio broadcaster triple j.

Henry has become a regular fixture amongst Sydney’s live music scene playing warehouse parties, small iconic venues; Brighton Up Bar, OAF Gallery and even backyard shows put on by the musician himself. 

‘The Deep’ is now available to stream on Soundcloud