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We specialise in digital music servicing, management consultancy, publicity and label services. Via a worldwide team of industry professionals, we help exceptional artists achieve outstanding results at the early stages of their careers.




Rob Carroll

Sydney-based electronic producer and songwriter, Mookhi has announced launch dates and unveiled the accompanying music video for lead single ‘Foul Play’ (featuring Billy Fox) - Directed by Macario De Souza, and produced by Hype Republic (Dune Rats, Kita Alexander).  

Keeping in line with her DIY ethic the narrative was written by the musician herself, with the clip set in a deserted car wrecking yard, which hosts an underground fighting ring. The lead protagonist is chaperoned by his manager and forced against his will to participate. The final scenes take an unexpected and sinister turn.     


Rob Carroll

Following on from the release of their standout new single ‘Love Her Like I Love You’, indie-rock dub group, Bootleg Rascal, have just delivered the accompanying video.

The band’s drummer Jack Gray describes the motivation behind the clip:   

The music video draws on points of acceptance, love and feeling like you are almost living in another world. We drew inspiration from the 'love heart shaped message lollies' as the vehicle for the lyrics of the song to appear in the clip. Taking the feelings back to when you were much younger and everyone was able to enjoy sharing these lollies with a nice warm message on it. I guess having some of the darker lyrics on the hearts in the clip, brings to screen much more real emotions than the lollies ever intended on giving off with a twist. Had a bunch of fun making this one. And an A+ to the actors.” 


Rob Carroll

After recently releasing their standout first single ‘Like You’, Byron Bay-based beach-punk / garage-rock two-piece, Bleach Girls, have just revealed an accompanying video -Shot by Kyla Giuffre / Cut by Genghis Tuan. 


Rob Carroll

Following on from the release of his new standout single ‘Company’, Central Coast-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Pepa Knight has just delivered an accompanying picturesque music video. 

Knight describes the motivation behind the clip –

“Most of this footage was taken while driving from Krka to Plitvice Lakes national park in Croatia, the Westfjords region in Iceland and the Sahara Desert, Morocco. It was just cool exploring these epic places with no real itinerary planned out, only a carefully prepared car playlist feat. D.D Dumbo, Peter Matthew Bauer, Efterklang & Streets of Laredo on repeat.” 


Rob Carroll

Following on from releasing their highly-praised new single ‘Pieces’, NSW North Coast-based electronic group, Nocturnal Tapes have just unveiled the accompanying video.

Directed by Darcy Conlan, the clip stars a young boxer who arrives to a gym to find an evil copy of himself, who he must defeat to overcome his fears. A battle ensues and the leading protagonist goes into to fight tooth and nail. Along the way a temptress tries to set him off course, but the headstrong athlete overcomes adversity and remains dedicated to fighting his demons. 


Rob Carroll

Following on from the recent release of their brand new single ‘Bottles’, one of Australia’s hardest working indie-rock outfits, Bad Pony have delivered the accompanying music video - Directed by Jack Webb.

Set as a narrative based on a toxic and alcoholic relationship, the clip stars’ Rosie Rivette and Julia Rose as the two young protagonists who find themselves deeply infatuated with one another- leading a lifestyle of crime and intense partying. Eventually their binge drinking catches up with them; seeing the once smitten lovers bond rapidly deteriorate and take a sinister turn. 



Rob Carroll

Following on from the release of their new single ‘Easy’, Sunshine Coast-based indie-pop quartet Selahphonic have returned with the accompanying music video – a complete DIY effort shot and directed by the band themselves. 

Front man Jamie Coyle explains the inspiration behind the clip -

“We pondered for quite a while on what to do with an accompanying visual to ‘Easy’. It’s a song about perseverance so you would naturally assume a deep and profound narrative would be appropriate; however, in the end the creative think tank just wouldn’t click. So through our frustrations, we decided to just have a good ol’ LOL and take a more light-hearted approach with the interpretation via an inflatable tube man borrowed from a second-hand car dealership.”  


Rob Carroll

Following on from the release of her stellar new single ‘Get To Know You’, Sydney-based songstress Sparrows has just revealed the accompanying music video and news that she will be launching the new single live at Oxford Art Factory.

Sparrows explains the motivation behind the clip – 

“I found myself in a magical festival setting, letting loose with a bunch of partygoers decked out in crazy costumes. Whilst we were all strangers, we were having the time of our lives and I think the costumes certainly played a role in us being able to express ourselves freely. The video is a fun extension of this experience, whereby the masks and styling creates an other-wordly feel. It’s funny, all the people wearing the masks in the clip, were complete strangers to me but as the day went on I got to know them and they really are an interesting, talented bunch of people. I often find myself eavesdropping on strangers’ conversations and daydream about who they are. What was their last meal? Are they in love? When did they last cry? We are all strangers but could easily get to know each other if we wanted too, but we often don’t and I wish we would more.”  


Rob Carroll

Following on from their second offering in single ‘Give In’, Sydney-based indie-pop group, High Violet have just unveiled the accompanying music video – shot in Adelaide by film student, Catherine Francis, edited by band member, Emily Retsas and assisted by Alister Douglas.

Bassist, Emily Retsas, describes the motivation and creative process behind shooting the music video –

“I had just watched the film "Drive" while in Los Angeles and loved the colour palette they used to convey a contemporary 80s throwback film in that setting. We often draw influence from that era, so I really wanted to experiment with a simple concept, and combine that style into the video.”


Rob Carroll

Following on from releasing their highly praised psych-rock influenced single ‘Love To Praise You’, Melbourne-based indie-rock trio Postblue have just unveiled the accompanying music video via a collection of lo-fi and retro inspired imagery shot on a Canon 6D DSLR and an old VHS Camera

Front man Riley McEvoy explains the inspiration behind the clip -

“We wanted to create a really good vibe with this clip, including imagery that immediately sparks the kind of thoughts and feelings we associate with the track - only good vibes. We rounded up our friends, jumped in the car and drove around shooting for a day - incorporating some tripped-out, whacky effects, using a real VHS along the way which looked hilarious (picture our camera-man looking like a 1980’s TV reporter with a huge VHS camera on his shoulder). It’s a weird and whacky summer day in the hinterland of the NSW North Coast, where we grew up. The clip was shot very DIY on a super low budget, but it came out exactly how we envisioned and are beyond stoked with the result!"


Rob Carroll

Following on from the release of their highly praised single ‘That Sound’, Sydney-based indie-rock quintet, Dappled Cities, have just unveiled the accompanying music video. Shot and directed by Sydney-based videographer, Rhys Day (Sticky Fingers, Seekae), the clip explores avant-garde concepts melded with mid-century inspired imagery.

Vocalist / Guitarist Dave Rennick describes the motivation and story behind the clip –

“That Sound the song is awash with decades of references, emotions and a bit of the crazies - and so in the clip we have a character in solitude going through a similar kind of journey.” 


Rob Carroll

Following on from a slew of capacity launch shows across the East Coast, Sydney-based indie-pop upstarts, Bad Pony, further celebrate their recent standout single ‘Sideways’ with the unveiling of a charismatic accompanying music video.

Front man Jarred Young describes the story and motivation behind the clip -

“We really wanted the whole vibe of 'Sideways' to be recognised and amplified with the clip. It's all about energy and fun. We wanted to show how our odd percussion set up works and give a glimpse into what our live show looks like. The story line follows the two main characters who have several cheeky dance-offs with each other in awesome Newcastle locations. The choreography is quirky & amazing, the shots are beautiful and we're really stoked with how it all turned out. We're really lucky to have worked with such a talented bunch, it's an absolute visual delight!”


Rob Carroll

One of Australia’s most endearing and enigmatic producers, Owen Rabbit, has unveiled the accompanying music video for new single ‘Weeds’, once again disregarding boundaries and defining the epitome of unconventional.

Owen describes the inspiration behind the clip –

“Weeds is about trying to milk a stone. The video, for me; is about the subtle unsteadiness of normality. The slow grind of all the world's flashy possibilities and their eventual fatal irrelevance.”

New Video // Sans Parents - Loose People

Rob Carroll

Brisbane-based indie-rock quartet, Sans Parents, have just followed up their highly praised second single ‘Loose People’ by revealing an accompanying DIY music video, which was shot and directed by members of the band.