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Rob Carroll

After releasing their standout new single ‘Sinkhole Holiday’, Brisbane-based indie-rock band Born Joy Dead, have just unveiled the accompanying music video, ahead of their East Coast tour.

Shot and directed by Gregory Kelly (WAAX, Walken) in between storm drains around Brisbane suburbs Browns Plains and Greenslopes, the clip aims to capture a feeling of not being present enough to enjoy the better things that life has to offer.

Front man Ben Dalton further explains:

We got a few mates together and headed to the sewers of Brisbane for a Holiday to explore the songs theme of feeling isolated and hopeless when you should be having the time of your life. I've recently experienced a lot of changes that forced me to deal with the anxiety and depression that I had been ignoring. The whole process has been a good way of airing that stuff in an attempt to face it”.


Rob Carroll

Indie-electronic duo, Nocturnal Tapes have just revealed the accompanying music video for their latest single ‘Wake Up’ - directed by James Buckingham and edited by Chris O’Brien.

Shot in their hometown of Yamba, NSW, the clip’s aesthetic aims to match the songs 90’s inspired take on electronica. The storyline follows the lead protagonist - who sports an eyeball for a head – as he struggles to find acceptance and who he really is. By the video’s end, he finds his true identity and becomes the life of the party.

Director James Buckingham describes the motivation behind the clip:

“Nocturnal Tapes have a lot of nostalgia and love for their home town, Yamba, I wanted to capture some of that with a 90s-style B-grade vibe. Growing up in a small town you can sometimes feel trapped or not much happens, however if you dig deep, you’ll always find something special.”


Rob Carroll

After releasing their latest standout single ‘k bye’ – as premiered on triple j’s Home and Hosed – Newcastle crowd favorites, RAAVE TAPES, have returned with the accompanying video, directed by James Fox (The Filmery).

In a clever parody of popular children’s television show, The Saddle Club, the video features the band members and their manager as lead characters Stevie, Carole, Lisa and Veronica. A visit from the local vet (played by Jake Johnson of VACATIONS) turns into a dramatic chase when Veronica snatches his briefcase, which carries illegal drugs unbeknownst to the others. The clip resolves with the offending vet under arrest and the four friends embracing for an obligatory group hug.

Frontman Joab Eastley reflects on the inspiration behind the video –

“This clip is our homage to one of the greatest ever TV show theme songs of all time. You know what Stevie, Lisa & Carole? You're right. Life ~should~ be fun for everyone”


Rob Carroll

Following on from releasing their standout new single ‘Is It Too Late’, Yamba-based indie-electronic duo Nocturnal Tapes are excited to unveil the accompanying music video and news that their maiden EP ‘Visions IV’ will be released on Friday August 25.

Combining themes of dance, tech-house and psychedelia, ‘Is It Too Late’ is an infectious party starter, reflecting on missed opportunities and rising above them. On his debut clip, director Jonathan Key uses stop-motion animation techniques alongside a compelling storyline, which details an account of a mid-life crisis. The lead protagonist struggles with his demons; wondering is it too late to achieve his inner-ambitions.


Rob Carroll

After releasing his future-soul inspired single ‘Taste’, Sydney-based indie-electronic songwriter and producer, Billy Fox, has just unveiled the accompanying music video – developed in collaboration with up-and-coming producer Mookhi.

Shot in various locations around Sydney, the video focuses on Fox as the main protagonist, exploring his way through contrasting urban and natural landscapes. Featuring Mookhi’s signature VHS effects and film grain textures, the clip delivers a vintage aesthetic that beautifully compliments the track.

Fox describes the motivation behind the clip –

“This film clip is more about capturing the feel of the song than to tell a specific narrative. A mate of mine, Rod, filmed around my place in Sydney in the golden hour and had my good friend Mookhi edit the piece. We then ran it back through the tape to get that sweet, nostalgic analogue treatment.”


Rob Carroll

Following on from releasing their standout single ‘Breaking Up This Time’, Sydney-based punk-rock trio, Whispering Jackie have just revealed the accompanying music video shot in the NSW Blue Mountains and Sydney’s Inner-west by director Nick McKinlay (Julia Jacklin, Noire).

Keeping in line with the lyrical subject, the clip’s narrative shines a light on breaking up and getting back together from a beautifully unique and artistic viewpoint. The band and McKinlay avoid a cliché storyline by exploring themes of the song, via a collection of sequences that focus on inanimate objects and actors with concealed identities.


Rob Carroll

Sydney-based producer / vocalist, Sparrows has just revealed the accompanying video for her newly released pop-gem ‘Take My Heart Out’ – directed and filmed by videographer Nick McKinlay (Julia Jacklin, Eddie Boyd) and production design handled by Isabella Andronos.    

Shot in the stunning surrounds of NSW Blue Mountains, the story-line sees Sparrows joined by her alter-ego – sometimes they are at one, sometimes not. The camera crew used a gimbal for movement, following Sparrows on her bike. A drone was used to show the expanse of the location and a large spotlight for the night scene gave control over what was shown; like a story book where the character can be drawn in.


Rob Carroll

Following on from the release of their stellar debut track ‘Dissolve’, Sydney-based experimental-electronic duo Blondebears have revealed the accompanying video; filmed, directed and edited by electronic-music producer, Mookhi.

Shot across various locations in Southern Sydney and NSW’s South Coast, the clip sees the duo explore the stunning surrounds of the areas, paying homage to their childhood memories and where they wrote a lot of music. The picturesque scenery melds and flickers between a collection of psychedelic-inspired imagery, with a beautiful finish of acid-wash colour grading.


Rob Carroll

Sydney-based indie-electronic songstress, Nikkita Ra, has just unveiled her stunning debut single ‘Unity’ and accompanying music video, shot in downtown Las Vegas.

Nikkita describes the inspiration behind the single and video –

“The song is about a couple who get lost in a moment of heightened love and hedonism and make a split decision of mistaken love and romance. I have always loved musical storytellers and have never experimented with it before…I think the song and clip also come from a place inside of me that feels we have been taught false ideals by the media about romanticism and this has been to the detriment of real grown up love. Filmed in Vegas, the capital of hedonism and snap romanticism, it has a slight hat tilt to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas or True Romance.”


Rob Carroll

Following on from the release of his silky smooth debut single ‘Holograms’, Brisbane-based composer Solomon O has delivered the accompanying music video via an animated clip by artist and animator Dan Aubin.

Solomon O describes the motivation behind the song and video –

“Holograms is about God feeling skeptical about our love for him, like we do with artificial intelligence. If we want real love from AI, then they’ll need real free will; which brings the risk they’ll hate and kill us. Real freedom requires creating this new closed system who's experience we can't know. So I wrote a song about it, intending to sell it to Aguilera or Kesha, but I thought ‘no, no this one’s too good’, so I recorded it myself. I thought that Dan's artwork and imagery would be able to capture and enhance the ideas, and ended up super stoked with how it came together.”


Rob Carroll

After a stellar debut in January with standout single ‘Foul Play’ (featuring Billy Fox), Sydney-based producer, Mookhi has returned with the accompanying video for her second offering ‘Lacunae’lifted from her critically praised maiden EP ‘Lost & Found’. 

Mookhi describes the motivation behind the clip –

“I saw 'Lacunae' as an exploration between old and new. I used modern techniques to synthesise sounds, but purposely treated them to capture an old, tattered, barely-in-tune vibe. This same idea permeated through to the creation of the video clip. I spent long hours rifling through old 35mm archival footage, being very particular in my selection. I wanted each frame to hold some symbolism or emotional effect. I wanted people to think after they watch it.”


Rob Carroll

Following on from releasing a slew of standout singles, Tasmanian-based indie rock quintet, Chase City, have returned to unveil their latest cut ‘A-N-X-T’ and an accompanying music video.

Front man Tarik Stoneman describes the inspiration and story behind the song –

“We wrote A-N-X-T well over a year ago at a time when we were experimenting pretty heavily having grown tired of the indie pop sound that we had been pursuing for the two years prior. The band was listening to a lot of old Talking Heads & Bowie records along with really getting into the DFA (label) inspired dance-punk scene that was around in the early 2000’s. The song came together rather quickly in the studio and had a very natural feel to it. We didn’t over complicate it and kept it largely minimal. The lyrics have a political lean, reflecting on some of the attitudes and issues we face in society and are geared at the role and impact of media in our lives.”


Rob Carroll

After releasing and touring their stellar new track ‘With You’ nationally to capacity crowds, Sydney indie-dub trio Bootleg Rascal have just unveiled the accompanying music video and announced a US tour.

Guitarist, Jimmy Young further describes the motivation behind the clip:

“Rather than stick to a conventional and cohesive narrative, we wanted the clip to be completely incongruous; jumping from scene-to-scene erratically to accentuate the dream-like experience for viewers. It’s a collection of intriguing standalone shots, which loosely connect in a more underlying and haunting type feel."


Rob Carroll

After releasing his latest standout single ‘Flux’, Sydney-based experimental electronic producer, Ross Henry, has just unveiled the accompanying music video – a complete DIY effort produced at his Stanmore home studio.

Henry describes the motivation behind the clip –

“Flux is about transience, movement and how a shift in dynamics can foster or erode a safe space. Through physical experimentation I looked to explore scale, texture and time to convey the idea of vast global transitions. Similar to recent single “The Deep”, the video for Flux utilises the same fundamental techniques I use to produce electronic music..”


Rob Carroll

Sydney-based electronic producer and songwriter, Mookhi has announced launch dates and unveiled the accompanying music video for lead single ‘Foul Play’ (featuring Billy Fox) - Directed by Macario De Souza, and produced by Hype Republic (Dune Rats, Kita Alexander).  

Keeping in line with her DIY ethic the narrative was written by the musician herself, with the clip set in a deserted car wrecking yard, which hosts an underground fighting ring. The lead protagonist is chaperoned by his manager and forced against his will to participate. The final scenes take an unexpected and sinister turn.